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Unlike regular books, Woodland Forest Chronicles gamebooks are part story and part game.  This means that the success of the main character depends on YOU.

Two dice, a pencil and an eraser are all that you require to follow the progress of the main character in the adventure.  All the decisions that need to be made throughout the story are in YOUR hands.


October 25, 2013

Journey to Mount Darkness is now available for purchase. 

For people local to the area, it will be sold at the Ballarat Market, (in the Ballarat Showgrounds, Victoria, Australia) this Sunday (Oct 27), between 8am and 1pm. 

For people who are interested in acquiring the book online, this site is in the process of having paypal facilities added to it.  Once available, readers will be able to buy the book right here at the official Woodland Forest Chronicles site. 

For people who are interested in acquiring a copy of the new release, please send an expression of interest to jumpsterhopper@southernphone.com.au and you will be notified once the site is updated.

October 5, 2013

The front cover for the upcoming book, Journey to Mount Darkness, has been finalised and is shown here on the official Woodland Forest Chronicles site for the first time.  The story itself comes in at 304 pages (sections), over 100 more than the first book in the Woodland Forest Chronicles series,  Invitation to a Feast.

The main protagonist in this story is the rabbit, Theodore Hopper, the father of Jumpster Hopper (the main character in Invitation to a Feast)


Other returning characters from Invitation to a Feast include:

- The Noble Ranger (The caretaker of Woodland Forest)

- Scouter dog Raano (One of The Noble Ranger's trusted helpers)


New characters include:

- Wise Owl Saludo (The resident wise owl of Woodland Forest, and a good friend of Theodore Hopper)

- Pierre Renard Le Rouge (The leader of the fox archers: a ruthless team of foxes who are allied to the Dark Panther, The Noble Ranger's chief adversary)

September 19, 2013

The long-awaited second book in the Woodland Forest Chronicles series, Journey to Mount Darkness has been officially slated for an October 2013 release.

This adventure is the first of a (four-part) tetralogy, where the reader must guide the main protagonist of the story, the rabbit, Theodore Hopper, as he ventures on a dangerous quest to re-unite the eastern and western communities of Woodland Forest.



"Then the envoy will rescue Woodland Forest from its plight

By re-lighting the five torches, which shall once more ignite

The mountain where light does not dwell"

Past betrayals...

Devastating consequences...

A land divided...



A promise of reunification.

Many years ago, a terrible accident literally split the community of Woodland Forest in two - The Mount Road, the only link between the eastern and western communities of Woodland Forest, was overrun by the dreaded darkness wolves...and has remained so ever since.

Now, an unexpected event has created an opportunity that the caretaker of Woodland Forest, The Noble Ranger, has planned for...

The envoy of Woodland Forest, Theodore Hopper, has been chosen by The Noble Ranger to travel to Mount Darkness, the home of the darkness wolves.  His mission is to re-light the five torches of the Mount Road, in order to drive away the bane of the darkness wolves.

With the help of Theodore's old and trusted friend, Wise Owl Saludo, the quest to reclaim the Mount Road begins.

Will Theodore successfully negotiate the perils on his journey to the great mountain?


August 5, 2013


In conjunction with the upcoming release of the next story in the Woodland Forest Chronicles Series, "Journey to Mount Darkness", readers can now look at the first map drawn of Woodland Forest in the series' history.
This map details the eastern realm of Woodland Forest.  For those who have read the first book in the series, "Invitation to a Feast", a couple of the landmarks should be familiar:  Hopper's Burrow - the home of Jumpster Hopper, and The Great Oak Tree.
The map details some of the locations that the main protagonist of "Journey to Mount Darkness", Theodore Hopper, may visit during his adventure, depending on the choices that readers make during the story.
To view a closeup of the map, right click on it and select "view image" from the menu that appears (Firefox users).  IE users can use the "zoom" facility that comes with the browser.

February 20, 2012

The dangerous python, Mrs. Slither, is the latest addition to the character biographies in the Woodland Forest Encyclopedia.  Click here to read about her.

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